IVF Families Gathered for Iftar – Op. Dr. Ufuk Yılmaz

IVF Families Gathered for Iftar

IVF Center at Medical Park Karadeniz Hospital organized an iftar dinner, bringing together families who have become parents through IVF treatment. During the event, the mothers who had their children through IVF gathered, and the event was attended by Medical Park Karadeniz Hospital’s Chief Physician, Specialist Dr. Gürbüz Yuluğ.

In his speech, Yuluğ mentioned that they have been providing IVF services in Trabzon for 13 years and expressed their commitment to continue providing these services in the future. He also emphasized that they have enabled thousands of prospective mothers to become mothers through their services.

Patients also come from abroad for treatment

Medical Park Karadeniz Hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Ufuk Yılmaz, who has been serving at the IVF center for 12 years, expressed, “We have been helping thousands of families to have children. It’s wonderful to connect with these families here. In IVF, there is no need to lose hope. There have been significant technological advancements. In cases where there is no sperm, sperm can be obtained through surgery. For patients with no eggs, ovaries can be obtained through stimulations. Even if their chances are low, they have a chance to become parents. Therefore, no one should lose hope. Everyone should consult an IVF center or a doctor specializing in this field. They should undergo the necessary tests. Together, we will see the results.”

Success rate over 70%

Op. Dr. Hasan Tahsin Sanisoğlu, the Responsible Physician of the Hospital’s IVF Center, highlighted the success rate of IVF, which is over 70%. He expressed his admiration for the mothers who have shown patience and endurance, facing various challenges, both financially and emotionally, to become mothers. He mentioned the rapid progress of medical technology, especially in the field of IVF and genetic technology, contributing to the increasing success rates in IVF treatments. The IVF Center closely follows and implements these latest technologies and developments in their treatments, achieving success rates comparable to European and American standards. As fertility issues are increasing in Turkey, he was pleased to state that their success rate in IVF treatment has surpassed 70%.


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