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IVF Prices 2023

The prices of IVF treatments are one of the most frequently asked questions, especially for low-income couples who wish to have a child.

What Determines IVF Prices?

Patients who are seeking IVF treatment at a clinic consider not only the success rate of the center but also the cost of IVF. The development of personalized treatment approaches in recent times has led to varying IVF treatment costs depending on individual cases. Since each couple requires a different treatment plan, the costs can vary based on the medications used, techniques applied, male factor issues, additional surgeries, or supplementary procedures that may be necessary.

Tüp bebek tedavi fiyatları

Some centers provide a breakdown of all the procedures and their costs to the individual starting the treatment, both verbally and in writing. These centers may appear to have higher treatment costs. On the other hand, some centers may only disclose the main treatment cost, making it seem like they are cheaper than other centers, but in reality, the total costs are almost the same. The prices of IVF treatments also partially vary depending on the center’s experience and success rate. Centers with high success rates that integrate the latest laboratory developments may have higher cost rates compared to other centers.

Where to Get Preliminary Information?

At our center, the procedures to be applied to patients are determined during the first consultation, and the fees they need to pay at the center are communicated verbally and in writing right from the beginning. This way, patients won’t encounter any surprises regarding the expenses at the end of the treatment. Moreover, our center has an agreement with the Social Security Institution (SGK). Obtaining an official report for IVF treatment significantly contributes to our patients’ costs. The conditions for obtaining the report are as follows:

• The need for assisted reproductive methods to have a child is stated in the health board’s report because natural methods have not resulted in pregnancy.

• The woman must be between 23 and 39 years old (on the application date, the woman must not have turned 40 years old yet; otherwise, the payment is not made).

• In the last 3 years, other assisted treatments have not resulted in pregnancy, as reported by the health board.

• The applicant must have paid at least 900 days of premiums within a 5-year period of SSI (Social Security Institution), Bağ-Kur, or Emekli Sandığı (Pension Fund) membership.

• The IVF center where the procedure is performed must have an agreement with SGK.

Is IVF Treatment Expensive?

Certainly, IVF treatment costs are relatively higher compared to other alternative treatments. The main reason for this is the high investment costs of technology and the expensive materials used. Constantly keeping up with evolving technology and incorporating methods that enhance success in treatment also contribute to increased costs. Due to regulations, providing cost information on the internet or social media is prohibited, so we cannot share our center’s fees here. However, you can obtain detailed information or request an appointment through our toll-free WhatsApp line at +90 541 411 1061. You can also visit our hospital’s website for further information.


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